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Penobscot, Maine, Chooses Superior Exterior’s Trim Installation Service

Are you looking for trim installation for Penobscot County, Maine? At Superior Exterior, we cater to home improvement dreamers because we can fulfill those dreams. We can make dreams come true for any residential and commercial projects in Penobscot, Southwest Harbor, and Stonington.

If you are looking to upgrade your house trim, call us today at (207) 667-5869 to see how we can help you.

Make Your Lincoln, Maine, Home Look More Inviting to Guests

Maybe your home improvement dream is to upgrade its exterior features with house trim. Superior Exterior has performed many house trim projects for Lincoln, Penobscot, Southwest Harbor, and Stonington residents over the years. House trim adds to the value of your property and makes your home more inviting. Some house trim options include:


This choice may be the most classic choice for exterior house trim options. Many homeowners prefer wood trim because of its natural look and feel. Ask about wood trim options for your Stonington-area home.


Polymer trim is manufactured by injecting polypropylene resin into pre-formed molds of various sizes. Ask us if Polymer trim is right for your project and budget. Note that it is not suitable for areas with dramatic temperature changes due to its tendency to expand and contract.

Cellular PVC

Cellular PVC exterior house trim is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride and molded to various colors and sizes. It is easy to install using standard woodworking tools but may have a higher cost. This trim can be easily painted or simply used as white.

We Proudly Serve Penobscot County, Maine with Quality Customer Service

The services we offer include a siding contractor, exterior remodeling, and window replacement, using mastic, maibec, and paradigm products. Quality customer service drives our team to be at their best daily because we understand the trust customers place in our team. If you are ready to start your next trim installation project, contact us online or if you live in the following locations:

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